Committed to the Dogs



President FFHSAZ

Stephanie is President of FFHSAZ and a founding member, pitbulls have her heart! Stephanie rescued a girl named Aubry, a pitbull, off the euthanasia list 3 years ago and since then she's had a passion for rescuing the e-listers from Maricopa county shelters. Stephanie has always been a volunteer by transporting for rescues and picking up dogs off the street and finding a safe home or rescue for them.



Volunteer Extraordinaire!

Carissa is Stephanie's daughter and is a H.S. freshman.  She is a hard working volunteer and spends most of her free time helping to walk dogs and she attends every event.  Carissa knows all of the pups personally and can speak with potential adopters, she has even started training the pups!



Volunteer Supreme

Selena is Stephanie's youngest daughter who loves to come and help at events and absolutely loves to pet the dogs and play with them. She's is very camera shy so we are lucky to get this awesome picture, we usually try and catch her by pretending to take a picture of the pups!

Allyson Volunteer.jpg


Volunteer of Wonderland

Allyson adores the pups and has become an excellent trainer and handler.  Allyson works with the pups everyday!

Bj and Wilber_edited.jpg


Volunteer Burger Lady

Bj is a volunteer with MCACC County Shelter for over 4 years.  She met Cinnamon (see adoption story) one night and fell in love with her and then found out Cinnamon was scheduled to be euthanized!  Bj received approval to adopt Cinnamon, placed her in board & train and found her a forever home!  Bj is now a regular volunteer at FFHSAZ adoption events.