Bella found her Family!

Mercy, now Bella is officially adopted! She has a dog park and her parents know to only go when the other dogs aren't using it and she rides on the back of a back of a Razor through the desert, too!

Happy life Bella I love you so much!

I (Stephanie) walked into a vets office one day to help assist someone with their dog (I have always gone to this vet office for my own dogs) a vet tech in the office says "hey aren't you a rescue now" I stated "yes". He continues to tell me about a dog they had in the back (Mercy) he then takes me back and shows me this beautiful brindle short pocket pit. He then tells me Mercy got into a fight in her home with 2 other dogs (1 male &1 female) not surprising btw. He states the owner brought in the other 2 dogs for their wounds to be fixed up then says her son will bring in 3rd dog (Mercy). He brings in Mercy and says put her down (euthanize her) the vets office couldn't do it. The vet reached out to the county shelter and AHS with no luck (she would have been put down at the shelter if adoption didn't happen quickly) so he asked me to take her. They did all her shots for free for me taking her. Mercy was in boarding with FFHSAZ since July 24th . Then my friend Ddee called me and says I have a couple that wants to meet Mercy, she gave me the number they came up from Tucson to meet her and they fell in love! We immediately drove to Tucson then she did her 7 day trial (me checking in all the time) and I said would you like to adopt or would you need another week. She said "oh no we want to adopt her now I think it took us a whole 7sec to make that decision!" and here we are..

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