Bodhi is a Foster Fail!

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Bodhi came to FFHSAZ after a tour around Phoenix! Bodhi was an Arf-A-Nage puppy and adopted to a family in Cave Creek. One day Bodhi escaped and was found by a caring person who took him to the vet to be scanned. Bodhi had a chip registered to the rescue and they were more than happy to take him back. The finder posted Bodhi on Next-door and so many people stepped up to find Bodhi a new home! Debbie offered to foster Bodhi and bring him to FFHSAZ adoption events. Debbie's husband was adamant that they were not keeping Bodhi! Last weekend Debbie and her husband took Bodhi to a friends pool party and he taught Bodhi how to swim. After a night of playing keep away with Bodhi and his ball in the pool, Debbie's husband was hooked! She called us and said that Bodhi would not be attending another adoption event because Bodhi found his home with Debbie and her husband! We love you Bodhi - have an excellent life! Oh, this adoption may cost Debbie and her husband $80k to install a new pool in their yard soon!

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