Davey is a Foster Fail by Bj B.!

Davey found himself back at MCACC East and immediately on the Euthanasia List when his 23 Year Old Adopter brought him back saying that Davey had growled at him when he tried to make him get off the couch.  He also said that Davey grabbed his wrist when he tried to correct him for going to the bathroom in the house.  I was having a really hard time because another dog I had grown attached too had been euthanized for deterioration so when I saw Davey’s face, I called the East Shelter and told them that I would adopt him.  They told me that if I wanted him, I better be there before 5pm or he would be put down.  So that week day in March, I jumped in my truck and headed to East, from Glendale to the 202 and Rio Salado in afternoon traffic, time was against me but I made it there.  When I went in to pick him up, I was met with another Road Block, Davey was New Hope only, meaning only a Rescue could pick him up because he was considered a threat because of what the previous adopter had said.  I wasn’t involved with a rescue at the time so they started naming off Rescues who would possibly back me.  They came upon Who Saved Who, Ann Watson and I said Yes, they called her and Ann sponsored me so that I could adopt Davey.

​I didn’t know this dog, didn’t know how he was with other dogs and didn’t really have a plan but I put him in my truck and headed for Canine Country Club, CCC.  Driving over he was standing up on the console of my truck and I told him, I hope I read you right because here is this big huge dog that doesn’t know me, right up beside me in my truck and we all know it could’ve went either way, he didn’t know me, he didn’t know if he could trust me or where he was going but we made it there fine and I saw no aggression what so ever with this dog.  I placed him in boarding and began working with the Forever Friend Family.  I told them all what had been said about him and we did our best to recreate what had been said about him so we’d know his triggers.  Over the months he stayed there, we never saw him do anything negative.  We did notice though that he appeared to be house broken because when he was walked out to the yard, he would run around go potty and then would want to go back to his kennel, it was his safe place.

​I took Davey to many adoption events trying to find him his forever home, everyone loved Davey because he had such a cute face.  Whenever he doesn’t know what’s going on, he wrinkles up his forehead like he’s trying to figure things out, this went on for almost 4 months with no adoptions.

​Finally in June,  Jolie Hess was contacted by a guy who wanted to adopt him, like me, he looked at Davey’s face and fell in love.  He did have another dog and a young daughter so we had to make sure everything would be ok.  Jolie and Stephanie Hook took Davey out for a meet and greet with the guy and his dog and Davey was fine with the dog and the guy so we thought it would be a perfect match.

​Well, the guy didn’t really listen to what we told him about Davey, he didn’t allow him access to the backyard and so Davey started messing in his house, he was willing to work with him because he loved him as did his young daughter.

​After having Davey for 4 days, his girlfriend came to town,she too loved Davey and thought he was a perfect match.  On Sunday morning, things went south, she let Davey out of his kennel but didn’t make him go outside.  He ran to find the guy and then when he had to “go” he went to the guys office and messed.  It obviously upset him and he tried to drag Davey by the collar into the room to show him what he did wrong.  Davey broke loose from his grip and ran into the living room and backed himself into a corner and wouldn’t let them near, he was afraid.  He managed to loop the leash around Davey and put him in the kennel, I wasn’t there but this guy was big and Davey is a big dog so I’m sure what ensued was not pretty.  He said that Davey barked and growled in the kennel for at least 10 minutes and wouldn’t calm down.  At this point, he texted Stephanie Hook and said come and get him.  Stephanie texted me and I went to pick him up.

When I got there, this is the story he told me, he said that they didn’t feel safe having Davey around his daughter in fear that he might turn on her.  This was the first time I met him and I told them, I really didn’t feel that Davey would ever do that but understood and took him and left.  Driving back, taking Davey to CCC I started to cry, thinking about what all had happened to Davey in his life and the past week and how misunderstood, I felt he was.  We had told this adopter that Davey was housebroken and Stephanie had told me he had a Doggie Door for Davey to go outside, when I got there, the Doggie Door, insert for an Arcadia Door, was still sitting leaned up against the wall in the living room.  

Anyway, on the way back, I told Davey, he was never going to have to go through this again, that because we now knew that he was dog friendly, I was going to take him home with me and integrate him into my pack.  Stephanie Hook contacted Debbie Weed, she brought Davey to my house the following Saturday and he is now part of my pack, tomorrow makes 3 weeks.​

I’m not going to lie, there are some growing pains, he has marked in my house a few times but never pooed.  He is a horrible counter surfer, something I’ve never had with all the dogs that I’ve ever had and he is really bad about stealing the other dog’s food but these are all things I can live with and we will work on.  Life with dogs as well as people is never perfect but I love him and he loves me and I know he’s worth it.  He makes me laugh so much, he’s developed a ritual.  Every morning when we get up, I say good morning to all my five, Doodle, Schottzie, Lenny, Lilly and Davey, then he leads me down the hallway to the kitchen and around the corner to where the box of biscuits is so that he can have his morning biscuit before breakfast.  It’s so funny because he looks behind him to make sure that I’m still following him, I crack up every day.  He’s starting to play with my other two big dogs, Lilly and Lenny but Davey is very much a house dog, he goes outside to do his business and then right back in the house, he has no desire to be an outside dog.  When I let him get in bed with me, as soon as he lays down, he starts snoring like a freight train so he can’t sleep with me at night, only when I nap during the day, ok, he naps, I lay there and laugh J

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