• Stephanie Hook


Gomer is a neutered 2 year old pitty/lab cutie in Phx, AZ. He is up-to-date on his shots, and sits in Boarding waiting to find a forever home. He loves attention and affection. Gomer is smart, loves to please, knows sit and shake, nimble when climbing up and over a ramp, loves sitting in chairs, going on walks, car rides, and puppachinos! Gomer is nonreactive to dogs, and shows no aggression toward cats. He may chase them, but does not appear to have a prey drive 😊 Gomer is good on the leash, super soft, has the sweetest eyes, loves stuffed toys, and is dog friendly, especially if the other dog is on the calm side, in order to tolerate his rough play style. Gomer can get overstimulated and jump at times, so we recommend no small children. He needs consistency, routine, and would benefit from in home training which we will provide you with a certified trainer who knows gomer well and has 20+ years on hands training with dogs, since sadly he’s sat in boarding most of his life. He would love a nice, fenced yard to run around in. Gomer deserves a family with love, guidance, and patience. Please call Stephanie at 602-695-6232 if you are interested in Gomer ❤

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