Cinnamon ***ADOPTED*** June 2019

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Cinnamon's story:

Cinnamon was dropped off at the Maricopa County Shelter in January of 2019 when her family was moving.  They had another small white dog that they kept and relinquished Cinnamon.  We like to think it was because they were moving into an place that didn’t allow Bully breeds. Per her DNA Test, Cinnamon is 75% American Staffordshire Terrier and 25% Guard, Companion and Hound Dog.  

​Bj met Cinnamon one night when she went into the Volunteer room at the County Shelter.  Cinnamon’s dew claws on her hind legs were embedded into the pads to the point that clippers couldn’t get around them to cut them.  Another volunteer was there and grabbed up a pair of desk scissors and began cutting her toe nails.  Cinnamon being the sweet and trusting girl that she is, she allowed the volunteer to cut her nails and ease her pain, anyone with dogs know what a remarkable thing this was.  

Cinnamon soon found herself on the euthanasia list because she was dog reactive, meaning that she didn’t seem to like other dogs.  When Bj found out about this, she begged for Cinnamon to be saved, the only way, adopt her and get her out of the shelter so that’s what Bj did.

Cinnamon was adopted and brought to Canine Country Club for boarding under Forever Friends  Humane Society.  Cinnamon was in boarding at CCC for 3 months and then went to Paddock Paws and Claws for 2 months for training of her aggression.  It was discovered that Cinnamon wasn’t aggressive but did have severe anxiety when other animals got close to her, we don’t know what caused this, just that she would probably never be able be in a home with another animal.

Cinnamon went to many adoption events and everyone that came in contact with her fell in love with her.  She loved all people and especially children, she would just light up whenever anyone came around her, the only problem, everyone already had another animal.  She was adopted once to a family that had a cat, they tried for 45 days to get the two to get along but it just didn’t work out and for the safety of everyone involved Cinnamon came back into boarding.  

In early June, Cinnamon went to another adoption event, this time up in Anthem at Ace Hardware Store.  She wasn’t adopted at the event but she was seen by her future adopter.  He contacted Bj through Facebook, they had a meet and greet the next day and the rest is history Cinnamon and her new dad are living happily ever after.

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