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Jazzy ***ADOPTED*** June 2019

Jazzy found herself at the Canine Country Club after her owner’s circumstances changed and she was no longer able to care for her. CCC would be her home for many months after that. Jazzy, being a social butterfly, made many new friends there, both canine and human. Even though she was content at CCC, she longed for a forever home of her own.

After losing their Great Dane in November, Ken and Trish and their pit bull mix Jabba were ready to welcome a new member to the family. Trish spent months scouring rescue sites and the internet looking for the perfect fit. Finding that match proved to be a tall order. Their new family member would need to do well with other dogs, cats and children. It was a difficult search that included many unreturned calls and unanswered emails. They were about to give up when fate stepped in.

Enter FFHSAZ. A volunteer noticed several of Trish’s inquiries on the MCACC website and contacted her. After discussing needs and desires the volunteer promised to help the family find the perfect dog. She shared pictures of several dogs and then she showed Trish Jazzy’s picture and the rest is history.

Jazzy and Jabba hit it off right away and by the end of the meet and greet they were fast becoming best buddies. Jazzy (now Oola) integrated into the family perfectly. She is gentle with their grandson and though she is generally exuberant she understands the need to remain calm around the him. Missy the cat and Oola have come to an understanding and are slowly beginning to trust each other. She is now living her best life with a new big brother, people who love her, an acre to explore and all the squeaky toys and games of tug she could desire.

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