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Partners for Life

2018 was hard for me.

I lost my two best friends ever.

My Jack Russell Punkin was one of a kind. She was my best friend seems like forever. She Loved me with all her little heart and I couldn’t get home from work fast enough to see Her.

The next was my Rock my helper and true partner. His Name was big Pappa! A one hundred lbs blue Pit. One beautiful Dog.

I became very ill and Punkin was my indoor dog and comforter. She was by my side through some very hard times. It’s so hard when you realize you're not going to ever get well. It became clear I was starting to need help due to very bad equilibrium. Part of my illness. So I Started teaching Pop as I called him to help me get around. He was a natural service dog, let me tell you. Maybe it was because he was always a well trained guy.

And He Loved spending more time with me.

Now I’ve never formally trained him it was mostly us knowing each other so well. I loved taking Him places. He never rushed me or pulled me. He somehow understood I was having trouble and He was there for me.

As I said earlier I had Punkin as the indoor dog and depending on where we went Punkin would come with us, but was better suited for home.

I became permanently disabled November of 2015. I had not been able to work since 12/26/2012.

Life really sucked during this time. I was so depressed I couldn’t get out of bed. I had my wife trying Her best to keep my sprites up. But my dogs were what turned me around. So much Love from them even when I felt unlovable.

My life did start to slowly regain some sort of balance.

Fast forward to 2018 Punkin was 13 yrs old and is Pappa was 10 yrs. old. The age had really shown on both of there faces and I started to worry for Punkin. She was all full of energy and ready for anything and Pappa was the same. I started to see that they really didn’t want to go out as much and are time outside became almost not happening. Now it’s September and Punkin got sick and the Vet told me She had blood cancer and it was going to be very fast. He wasn’t kidding. We tried to make Her comfortable but She passed on October 23.

This was like me loosing my oldest child. I was a wreck! Once again My beautiful Wife and Pappa were there for me. Pappa and I were becoming even closer Now. I was just starting to lift my mood and we were heading for Christmas. Pappa was raising his game to help me. He could tell l was so sad at the loss of Punkin. I’m sure his heart was also broken. Punkin basically raised Pappa. Back then She ran the house. They were besties without a doubt!

Christmas comes and It’s just really hard without Punkin.

It’s the Sunday night before New Years and everything seems good we went to bed. Pappa was sleeping on his bed and he woke me up and in full distress, breathing labored, He’s in trouble. I run for my pants and come back and He’s on His side and can’t move. Breathing is laboring and I am down there with Him in My arms where He Dies in my Arms! Let me tell you that nothing prepares you for that type of lost. Once again We are both totally at a lost. Pappa seemed strong for His age and I hadn’t even thought about loosing him yet! But We did.

Moving forward it’s Now April and I tell my Wife that I need a new dog. She agreed and I started looking for a large breed for service dog. I luckily found Dedee. She was amazing. She heard my story and said, “were going to get you another Service Dog!” I couldn’t believe it. She told me that She knows people who help disabled people get the service dog they need.

The next thing I know my new best friend calls. Her Name is Renee and She and Dedee must have been sent from God because it was a complete and Utter answer to my prayer!

Renee’s questions were very direct looking to find out just what type of animal would do the task best for each of us.

Our next chat was a few days later. Renee had put out a call for a large breed suitable for service Training. She asks if I’ve ever heard of The Dogo Argentino. I said no but if she would give me a few minutes I would research it.

OMG! What a beautifully awesome breed. I told Her that I would love a meet & greet. So my wife and I drove to Canine Country Club to meet this Dogo Argentino. We also met for the first time our next best friend. His name is Bobby (FFHSAZ) and His foundation had a Dogo that He felt would fit the bill. So we finally met Stella. Oh was she amazing. Beautiful as pictures online. Prettier if you ask me. It was love at first sight. She was plenty large. About 112lbs and very strong.

Renee put Her through some testing and She passed them all. Excited couldn’t cover it. She did great with My Wife Kathy. I was sold. There was a large rehoming fee for her but Renee said don’t worry She would handle it.

Renee and Bobby were talking for a while. She came back over to Us and told us that Bobby will wave rehoming fee. He said he felt She would make an awesome service dog and He didn’t want Her to miss Her Chance for a forever home!

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